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We produce and install commercial and domestic projects nationwide with high-calibre service packages offered throughout the UK. 

Steam Room Solutions

Enjoy a unique luxury wellness experience in the form of a steam room designed and fitted by experts.

Trust our skilled team of designers and installation specialists to build the perfect custom-made steam room for domestic or commercial projects. Choose from a unique collection of custom-built steam room designs combining beautiful tiles, benches, sound settings, atmospheric lighting options and layout. We also offer various glass tints and opaque options to ensure your steam room is designed perfectly for you.

Full Steam Ahead


A form of steam room with heated walls, floors and benches. The heat reaches 45 to 50°C, with 100% humidity. A caldarium is often used as preparation for a highly tempered sauna, or by people who are unable to visit a hotter sauna because of circulatory issues. Children getting used to the sauna lifestyle can also use the caldarium.


A dry heated tiled room, featuring lower temperatures of around 60°C and humidity of 15-20%, offering a gentler heat experience. As in a tepidarium, the heat radiates evenly from the stone walls, floors, seats and benches. However, the temperature is considerably higher than in a tepidarium, being held at around 60°. A laconium is a good alternative for anyone who finds a traditional sauna too hot.


A mild form of a sauna that does not put as much strain on the cardiovascular system. While a conventional sauna features high temperatures and high humidity, a tepidarium offers low or medium humidity and mild heat. Heated benches and loungers, walls and floors made of stone or ceramic radiate heat with a direct and beneficial effect on the body. The radiating heat in a Tepidarium is more pleasant and relaxing.

Steam Bath

A steam room, steam bath or steam shower is a unique and luxurious experience not only relaxing and revitalising but beneficial for health and beauty too. We offer an extensive range of high-quality modular steam bath designs, built and installed by our expert team. Optional handheld and overhead rain drench showers can be added to enhance your steam experience.

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A space designed for you.

It is our aim to design a thermal experience that is perfectly suited to your needs.  

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and want your experience to be outstanding. Based upon your requirements and choices we can create a tailor-made thermal experience that reflects your style and maintains our high standards.  

The first important stage of the process is the consultation meeting. This is the time to discuss the most suitable wellness solution for you, and to consider the outcomes you would like to achieve. With many options available, our experienced consultant will support and guide you through the array of choices. When we have an idea of the type of experience you would prefer and the health benefits you want to achieve, we will move on to selecting options such as style, finish and any additional features that you would like.

After the initial consultation, we will begin to draw up design options based upon our discussions; together we will review the designs taking into consideration materials, bespoke features and cost. 

Our design consultant will measure the suggested area and will take into account the proposed space and measurements when drawing up plans. Each unit we create is bespoke and made-to-measure ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  

We source the best materials from the most reliable sources. 

We will always try to accommodate your choices and preferences wherever possible, if there is a specific idea, feature or material that you would like to incorporate into the plans, then please discuss this with our design consultant. Once the design is approved and decisions have been finalised regarding size, design and materials, then the preparation phase can commence.

At this step of the process, we will produce a plan and proposed timeline to outline key dates and stages moving forward. This is a fundamental component of the project and ensures that everyone is aware of the details including estimated manufacturing timescales, delivery dates, etc.  

Our reliable team members work hard to combine superior craftmanship and outstanding designs to provide a high-quality experience personalised to the varying needs of each customer. We are proud to present products of outstanding design and quality. 

Our installation team members are dedicated, reliable and experienced, skilfully able to work in a variety of different settings from wellness retreats and exclusive hotels and spas, to high-end domestic properties and homes.  

Health and safety protocols are paramount in every aspect of our work; we complete thorough risk assessments and method statements for every project to ensure the continuing safety of our staff and clients alike. All our staff are trained in health and safety procedures and adhere to government safety criteria. We continually strive for excellence in all areas to ensure that every project we undertake is completed to the highest standards possible.

We also offer a comprehensive service package to customers throughout the UK North West, this is to ensure that your thermal experience is running smoothly and that all components are in continuing to work in top condition. This essential maintenance service is available for both commercial and domestic customers and covers swimming pools and spas as well as thermal experiences. Each service package is tailored to meet the needs of the individual client, whether you require one visit per month or one per year.

We recommend starting a service package as soon as possible, please ask our advisors for details.